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Here's what's inside the Treasury

Free Procreate Brushes

In bam's treasury you will find free Procreate brushes perfect for crafting letters and illustrations.
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Rough & Raw Procreate Brush Set

3 procreate brushes

After months of using Procreate we came up with a set of Brushes that give a unique handmade touch and a rough edge to our artworks. They work great for illustrations and lettering pieces. This is a sample set of 3 brushes, but you can find the extended pack here.

Corona Survival Brush Kit

5 procreate brushes

This month you are in for a treat! We know you are probably going crazy being isolated at home (we know we are) so we decided to make a Corona Survival Brush Kit and give it to you for free! Toilet paper pattern, mask and soap textures and hand sanitiser brush. Sweet, no?

On the Road Procreate Brush Set

3 procreate brushes

This Brush Set will be your absolute companion – your TO-GO Pack on all of your creative endeavours! They were made to give a realistic bumpy touch to your artworks. This is a sample set of 3 brushes, but you can purchase the extended pack here.

Ribbon Brush

1 procreate brush

This Brush will help you make ribbons in no time!
We made it special for Holiday Time but we figured anytime is ribbon time! We also made a little tutorial on how to make ribbon lettering if you want some extra tricks & trips!

The KickOff Lettering Toolbox

3 procreate brushes + workbook sample set

Say Hello to our newest product – The KickOff Lettering Toolbox! This here is a sample set of the actual product, containing 3 brushes and bits and pieces of the workbook so you can try it out and get a feeling of it.
You can purchase the complete product here.

Fade & Shade Procreate Brush Set

3 procreate brushes

Dear Creatives, meet you new favourite brushes!
They were made to add some realism and exotic touches to your illustrations and lettering artworks.
This is a Sample Set but you can purchase
the complete product here.

Dirty Halftones Brush Sample Set

3 procreate brushes

We thought it was time for a new brush pack and that is why we prepared this juicy dirty Halftone Brush Set!
This Brush Set is all about Halftones and all the cool effects you can do with them. This is a sample set of 3 brushes, but you can find the extended pack here.

Free Fonts

they are pretty cool.
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Flor Font

display font

Flor is serif font made exclusively for bold titles and displays. In this free version you will get uppercase and lowercase characters. The premium license has other features such as 5 layers, charming ligatures and ornamental illustrations. You can find it here.

Fogtype Font

display font

Fogtype is a modular typography created from basic and smart forms. Not only can be used as a typeface but by playing with its shapes you can construct endless patterns and illustrations. We would love to see what you do with it! Hope you have fun!

Other Stuff

in the treasure box you will also find interesting stuff that we crafted by hand such as realistic textures and bedazzling wallpapers for your phone!
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24 png textures

Want your artworks to have edgy and genuine feel? This pack of 12 white and 12 black textures will give your artworks a nice touch and some character!

Phone Wallpaper

1 jpeg wallpaper

We know you are tired of looking at your phone too much in these crazy days and that is why we decided to make wallpapers out of Jimbo's artworks! Well, only one for now :P, but soon more to come! So enjoy your new wallpaper and as always, don't forget to Create! <3

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