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Portrait photo of Belinda Kou

Belinda Kou


There’s so many delicious textures in ShoutBam’s brush packs! The quality is top notch and I know how much thought and research they put into crafting each brush. I have a tendency to collect brushes and their sets are ones I keep going back to.

Portrait photo of Tom Ross

Tom Ross

Design Cuts CEO

Shoutbam make some of the best brushes in the world, hands down. Every brush set is clearly crafted with love. Guaranteed to help you elevate your regular creative work.

Jasmine Holmes

Entrepreneur - Pricing queen

You know the feeling when you find that perfect pen you’ve been searching for years? That one you find in the weirdest place and your heart skips a beat? That’s how I feel about every product Shoutbam bring out. It’s like they’ve been in my head, knowing what I need for my next project. And whilst I may have grown a massive brush library, I consistently come back to their brushes because they are so damn good.

Portrait photo of Chloe Devine

Chloe Devine

Creative Strategist & DESIGN

The Paperlike Community has been lucky to have Shoutbam working with us for many years. When we wanted to create a custom Procreate Brush Set, they came to our mind right away. As leading talent in our community we knew we wanted to work with them! The Better than Basics Brush set that they produced for us was BETTER than we could have imagined. We're always happy to work with Tea and Jimbo!

Portrait photo of Gia Graham

Gia Graham

Designer, Illustrator, Letterer

I love Shoutbam's brush sets - they're always jam packed with so many amazing textures! The 'Dirty Halftones' and 'Rough & Raw' brushes for Procreate are my personal favourites - such a wonderful (and easy) way to add detail and personality to my digital illustrations.