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Take Your Art to the Next Dimension with Perfect Shading in Just One Stroke

Instantly Add Dimension to Your Art with these 3D Lettering Brushes!

Our 3D Lettering Brush Set features 120 brushes made from rendered 3D shapes, providing perfect shading in just one stroke. With 26 different shapes to choose from, along with 68 Bonus Stamps and Touch-up brushes, the possibilities for creating dimensional artworks are endless.

Included with the extensive brush set are 3D shapes, backgrounds, and touch-up brushes, as well as a Quick Start Guide and a Video Tutorial to guide you step-by-step through creating super-realistic letters. But this pack isn't just for lettering – it's perfect for creating expressive illustrative work as well.

So grab your iPad and get ready for an addictive 3D adventure! With tags like "3D lettering," "digital art," and "illustration," you'll have everything you need to create stunning client work and personal projects alike.


  • 120 Instant Lettering 3D Brushes
  • 46 3D Stamps
  • 10 Touch-Up Brushes
  • 12 Background Brushes
  • Video Tutorial (Introduction & 3 Lettering Styles)
  • Permanent Access – No time limit for undertaking the video tutorial
  • High Quality Video – Quality options matched to your connection
  • PDF Quick Start Guide
  • PDF Reference Sheet
  • An Easy-to-follow Installation Guid

Zipped File Size: 257.95 MB


Software Compatibility: Procreate .

An example of 3D quick Lettering using our product
3 steps to make instant 3d lettering with our procreate brushes
A piece that writes the brand Colgate using our toothpaste brush
4 iPad images showing our 3d lettering video tutorials included in the set
Letters showing evolution after watching our lettering tutorials
different lettering pieces using different 3d brushes for procreate
a bunch of 3d shapes flying in the sky
different lettering pieces using different brushes and styles
showcase of different letters using different effects
different backgrounds and petterns as extra of our brush set for procreate
lettering piece that reads "Mad Max"
showcase of extra brushes included in the set
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Instant 3D Lettering

$ 24 USD