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Say hello to “Pastels & Powders” – your new Procreate sidekick for an extra dose of creativity!

This mixed media brush set contains 87 brushes and a video-tutorial and has been meticulously designed to let ourself loose, offering a diverse range of tools for lettering and illustration.

With “Pastels & Powders”, you get the cool tools to emboss your letters, sprinkle some glitter magic, and play with realistic pastel hues. And the real fun starts with our powdery brushes, split into two cool groups: Shaders & Stamps!

These brushes have been inspired by Shoutbam’s analog techniques back in 2016. That technique consisted on an embossing technique for the main lettering and some dry powder to craft wavy effects around it. We created the effect randomly while throwing the powder and shaping with a dry brush. Now YOU can create the same effect. BUT DIGITALLY!

But wait, there’s more! “Pastels & Powders” comes with a nifty tutorial. Follow OUR lead, and I’ll show you how to use each and every brush – from embossing letters to sprinkling all the powdery and pastel goodness around them.

Ready to turn your Procreate canvas into a masterpiece? “Pastels & Powders” is the set that will give your work the messiness it needs.

Included in this set:

  • A total of 78 Brushes
  • 5x Embossing Brushes
  • 5x Overlay Light Brushes
  • 6x Pastel Brushes
  • 12x Powder Shaders
  • 51x Powder Stamps
  • How-to-use Video Tutorial
  • An Easy-to-Follow .PDF Installation Guide

Zipped File Size: 252.23 MB

File Types Included: BRUSHSET, MP4, PDF

Software Compatibility: Procreate .

a digitally embossed letter surrounded by flowers and powder brush strokes
a flamingo painted with digital pastel colours with a digitally drawn mountain in the background
an illustration of a tv made in Procreate showing an old analog piece
a lettering made with powder brushes for Procreate and the difference in between Edge Powders and Powder Stamps
A showcase of the different pastel and powder brushes in this Procreate Brush Set. There's also a teddy bear that was painted using digital brushes
samples of the different powder stamps included in the set
the continuation of samples of the different powder stamps included in the set
the process of a digitally embossed letter and a lettering using the same technique showed i the video tutorial included
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Pastels & Powders Procreate Brush Set

$ 21 USD