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Unleash Creative Chaos with Rough & Raw 2.0 Brush Set

Discover the second edition of our beloved "Rough & Raw" brush collection, designed to infuse your digital art with a distinct handcrafted charm. These versatile brushes are the secret ingredient for creating gritty illustrations and lettering that stand out from the digital crowd.

What's Inside:

- Liners & Pencils: Precise, inky lines that capture the essence of traditional drawing.

- Small Shaders: Ideal for adding subtle texture and depth to your artwork.

- Big Shaders: Bring your designs to life with bold and expressive strokes.

- Seamless Textures: Introduce depth and dimension with textural backgrounds.

Key Features:

- Gritty Realism: Achieve a natural, organic feel in your art.

- Versatile Tools: Perfect for various illustration and lettering styles.

- User-Friendly: It's easy to use and it includes a 1h-log tutorial:

- Create with Confidence: Infuse your artwork with a unique, eye-catching edge.

a lettering that says Structure included as a lettering tutorial
an illustraded japanese scenery made with our texture brushes
a letter R showcasing different texture brushes
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Rough & Raw 2.0 - Procreate Brush Set

$ 14 USD