Whip Up

Whip Up


City of Mollerussa, Spain


Art Direction, Mural


Designer, Muralist

Mural done in 2017 in Mollerussa, Spain.

Whip up is our largest mural until date, being 9 m long and 6,5 m wide coming up to 60 square meters in total.

It's located in a wall next to the main theatre in Mollerussa, Spain.

Mollerussa, a town with a population of nearly 15.000 people and industrial spirit that has the properties of a small town while offering big city services.The quiet routine of such a small community makes people inactive and not motivated when it comes to arts and culture. Improving artistic offer and connecting the community through culture is significant for providing better quality of life to its residents.

That is why the idea behind this mural was to create a very visual and distinctive artwork that would motivate people and get them interested in the art scene of the city.

We wanted to project a message that would inspire people to express themselves and that is how we came up with "Whip up". A phrasal verb with perfect length that was illustrative by itself.

"Whip up"  

We created a fluid approach to letters that meet the meaning of the phrase perfectly while making it big to communicate a bold statement.

Around the letters we drew figurative illustrations that represent main artistic fields. That is how a casette, a brush, theatre mask, paint palette tool and a pencil came to life. We created a nice balance by placing them around the phrase leaving an empty background that would be filled with organic and abstract shapes to finalize the piece.