Ekipa - Kombucha Packaging

Ekipa - Kombucha Packaging


City of Mollerussa, Spain


Art Direction, Mural


Designer, Muralist

Branding, Packaging and Photography Art Direction for Kombucha by Ekipa.

The idea was born from identifying the gap in the market of non-alcoholic, low sugary beverages produced in Croatia. After exploring parts of the world and realising the need and potential of healthier alternatives, a group of friends made it their mission to revive a traditional fermented drink brewed in households by our grandparents.

The client’s idea was to share their passion for kombucha crafted from natural and high-quality ingredients to be shared and enjoyed with family and friends.

Our task was to create a super colourful branding solution and we decided to portray the flavors of the beverage by creating a vibrant world filled with oversized ingredients and people interacting with them.