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Introducing the finest set to create stunning crafty scenes in Procreate! (2023 Update)

Over 90 Brushes sourced from Analog papers and ink!

2023 Update includes:

3 Wrinkled Paper Textures
2 Extra Seamless Textures
Improved Pencil Scraps (we fixed some transparency issues so you can just stamp them with no extra action needed)

Who doesn’t miss the feeling of sourcing papers and finding the best textures to do awesome crafty creations? We certainly do and after going through hundreds of materials in stores, basements and design studios we came up with a tool that will give you that crafty feeling your digital creations need.

This set contains 90+ brushes that will allow you to build up your lettering and illustration scenes with super realistic stamps and brushes. They’ve been professionally sourced, scanned and retouched to ease your process. Contains seamless canvas brushes to fit any painting style. You will be able to use the textures in any surface size and in any color you want.

We’ve also included 36 ripped papers 24 crafty add-ons (including ink textures and pencil scraps) that will help you build up your compositions in no time. The amount of possibilities is endless!
You know we love extras. In this set you’ll find 3 prepared scenes to help you understand the best practices when building your own. They are ready-to-use procreate files in high and low res, adapted for any kind of iPad!

This time around we’ve prepared a whole lot of free tutorials that will be uploaded to our YouTube channel every 2 weeks and we promise you’ll learn how to know each style you see in this presentation.Included in this set:

  • 25 Seamless Canvas Brushes (+25 Inverted Brushes)
  • 36 Ripped Paper Stamps
  • 24 Craft Add-on Stamps
  • 7 Overlay Shadow Stamps
  • 3 Procreate Prepared Scenes
  • 2 Youtube Tutorials
  • An Easy-to-Follow .PDF Installation Guide (Mac and Windows)

Zipped File Size: 1.86 GB

File Types Included: .PDF, .BRUSH, .BRUSHSET

Software compatibility: Procreate

The Ultimate Procreate Background Set

$ 21 USD