Paper cut ampersant

18 basics. Ready to take them for a spin?

Our all-time classic, now available for Photoshop!

Add the perfect texture and unique handmade touch to your artwork with these brushes, created from real-life textures.


  • 9 Line Brushes
  • 9 Texture Brushes

Zipped File Size: 72.74 MB

File Types Included: ABR

Software Compatibility: Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 (and higher).

4 new texture brushes included in the 2023 version: light rough, rough, dirty sponge and a large texturizer
an illustration of a "G" using 4 textures from the set: halftone, inliner, ripple and savage
an illustration of a plant showcasing different texture brushes
4 candy illustrations using different brush combinations
showcase of 7 texture brushes like: wood, halftone, dirty sponge, crumbles...
7 line brushes included in the set: monoline, pencil, charcoal, frizzy brush...
a lettering piece that says "Barcelona" using different procreate brushes
an illustration of several words in different colors
No items found.

Rough & Raw – Photoshop Brush Set

$ 12 USD