Paper cut ampersant

Bubbling in Style!

Unleash Your Wildest Inky Dreams with Our Perfectly Imperfect Brushes

If you're looking for a way to add a unique touch to your lettering and illustrations, our collection of perfectly imperfect brushes is just what you need. With 54 brushes sourced from real ink, you can experience the authenticity of analog work and achieve genuine strokes and natural variations that only traditional inking can provide.

These brushes are divided into eight categories, including Solid Inkers, Distressed Sprays, and Bubble Stamps, each designed to fulfill your inky desires and bring excitement and creativity to your digital art. You can layer these brushes seamlessly to create depth, texture, and an overall richer inky experience that works on both black & white and colored artworks.

As an added bonus, our collection includes a 1-hour tutorial that walks you through the creation of a complete bubbly piece, from sketching to final details and backgrounds. You'll learn how to use our brushes, create outlines and shadows, apply textures and bubbles, and more.


  • 7x Solid Inkers
  • 5x Distressed Sprays
  • 4x Lights
  • 6x Textures
  • 9x Drips & Splatters
  • 16x Bubble Stamps
  • 7x Bubble Inkers
  • 5x Bonus .JPG Backgrounds
  • 5x Bonus Editable Marble Procreate Files
  • Tutorial: Learn how to create a Bubbly Lettering with the brushes.

Zipped File Size: 739.05 MB

File Types Included: BRUSHSET, MP4, PDF, PROCREATE

Software Compatibility: Procreate .

three letters containing 3 different marble textures
a  heart shaped lollipop showcasing different brushes
a lettering piece that says "paint" and the result of our premium lettering tutorial
different iPads showing different steps of our lettering tutorial
different letters showing how to use our brushes
a lettering piece that says "inked" and different brushes that were used
build up of an illustration and what brushes we use
second build up of an illustration and showcase of more brushes
showcase of different bubbles and inking brushes
different papers included as extra in the set
a lettering piece that says "stay loose" as a message thrown at our audience
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Loose Ink

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