Paper cut ampersant

Real Seamless Textures for Affiinity are here!

Here's 27 Texture Brushes to get Seamless realism!

Are you looking for a resource to add some realism and exotic touches to your illustrations and lettering artworks? Look no further! Our brush set, created from real-life textures and digitally manipulated to work as seamless patterns, is the perfect addition to your Affinity Designer toolkit.

With 10 shading brushes and 15 texture brushes, you'll be able to effortlessly blend and seamlessly add shadows to your artworks.


  • 10 Shading Brushes
  • 15 Texture Brushes
  • Affinity Designer Workbook with 3 lettering tutorials
  • An easy-to-follow installation guide

Zipped File Size: 619 MB

File Types Included: .PDF, .AFDESIGN

Software compatibility: Affinity Designer

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Fade & Shade Brushes - Affinity

$ 16 USD