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Here's a bunch of halftones!

Introducing our Dirty Halftones Brush Set, now available for Photoshop!

This juicy set is all about halftones and the amazing effects you can achieve with them. The textures have been carefully sampled from real life and digitally manipulated to create seamless patterns. With these naughty brushes, you can easily add textures and shadows to your artworks, giving them a grubby dazzle that will make them stand out. And as if that wasn't enough, we've included 5 extra brushes in this update. Get ready to unleash your creativity with our seamless halftone patterns!


  • 96 Halftone brushes
  • 14 Shaders
  • 64 Texturizers
  • 14 Sprayers
  • 5 Extra brushes
  • Easy how to install .PDF

Zipped File Size: 355.54 MB

File Types Included: ABR

Software Compatibility: Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 (and higher).

an illustration of a butterfly using different halftones: horizontal lines, smudged dots and small halftones
three different number "1" using different halftone brushes for photoshop
showcase of different brushes included in the set and an illustration of a beetle
showcase of different halftone brushes and an illustration of a butterfly made with them
a peacock illustrated with different halftones
a lettering saying "savage" using different colors and halftone brushes
2 koi fishes. One without textures and the other one full of textures included in the set
halftones perfect for photoshop
5 extra brushes like: noise shader, freckles, old inker, crunchy pencil and wavy dots
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Dirty Halftones BrushSet Photoshop

$ 14 USD