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Discover endless creative possibilities with this Alphabet Workbook! Explore this handcrafted Loose Script style, designed to teach you our four-step process on how to design each individual letter.

Here at Shoutbam we’ve developed our own ways to craft letters over the years. By completing this workbook, you'll get a comprehensive understanding of how to construct this entire Alphabet.

This Product includes:

  • 1 Alphabet Workbook for Procreate
  • 1 Alphabet Workbook in PDF so you can print it at home
  • 5 Extra Pencils & Sketch Fillers for Procreate

The Workbook contains 24 Pages divided in:

  • Intro to the Alphabet (Breaking down elements like angle, contrast, weight, width, height, tracking and leading)
  • Uppercase and Lowercase Practise Sheets
  • A few extra exercises so you can make a word out of the letters you learn. Here you'll learn about Ligatures and Swashes

The alphabet taught in this bundle has been sourced from this Patreon Tutorial. Where we construct words from scratch and then add 3D effects using Procreate!

Also, if you want more Alphabets don't forget to check out THIS BUNDLE where you can get 4 Alphabets for less the price of 3!

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Alphabet Workbook #02

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