Visual Identity for Mademoiselle Buqele.


Mademoiselle Buqele


Art Direction, Graphic Design


Art Director, Designer, Illustrator

Buqele is a hand made & custom made production of limited edition garments based in Zagreb, Croatia.

The brand communicates to specific customers that love style and vintage clothing and that is why our main goal was to create something hand-crafted with a reminiscence of the past, a time when all clothes were produced by hand.

Our job was to create a visual identity that reflects brand’s attitude and style. After some typographical research and sketches, we came up with a logotype that uses both classy contrasted Serif typography and an Art Deco inspired.

The mark is a simple representation of the most used element in the Brand’s clothes production: Scissors.
To match the Vintage feeling of the brand and logotype, we used old-fashioned scissors as a reference.
Also, a pattern was created to be used across few printed and digital assets.


Latest Works