Date: October 15th 2020.

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Hola you creative reader that wondered here in our colourful world!

Did you know that Jonathan the tortoise is turning 189 next year? We realised it's about the same amount of time it took us to write this *About us* blog :) Forgive us, our mysterious reader (if you exist), but we were busy doing colour splashing projects and staring at the wall. But the time has finally come to sit on our butt cheeks and introduce ourselves to you.

We are Tea & Jimbo, 2 humans, a creative duo that shares passion and love for each other, great design, new challenges and sunny days :) Let us take you to a quick trip back in time, and show you the beginning of our colourful journey.

It was a beautiful sunny day in Budapest, a city with dramatic history and astonishing architecture (this is starting to sound like a commercial for visiting Budapest). Anyways, we were sitting in some random bar, drinking coffee...well, Tea was drinking coffee, Jimbo was trying out new cervezas, and we were contemplating what to do with our lives now that university is over. Then, all of a sudden, BAM! the idea was born - let's open a design studio and make the world more colourful and fun. With that in mind, we returned to Zagreb, home of “purica s mlincima” and “štrukli”, the best city ever (sorry Budapest) and started our journey! Driven by our idea, we decided to get things going. After a rough period of dealing with lots and LOTS of Croatian paperwork, WE DID IT. Our little baby studio was born :)

And here we are today, a mixture of minds with skills that encourage and challenge each other to produce pieces of art that ooze happiness and rainbows. Combining Jimbo's technical approach with Tea's unusual ideas we created the perfect twist to our style! Meeting tons of new souls in the creative industry and cooperating with clients from all over the world made us open to new perspectives, challenges and friends! And not to mention, even more vibrant and marvellously creative designs. Yes, we have to brag about ourselves because other than us and our mums, who will?

Even though this is a blog about us, the best part of it is you! Let's talk about how we can help you and your business by making your ideas become reality. Challenge us to be a part of your own creative path and how we can make a bigger impact by joining our forces. You can even tell us which colour of the rainbow is your favourite. It will be our little secret, we promise :)

Don’t be afraid to give us a shout-out, or... to say it a bit cooler….give us a SHOUT BAM!

And that is it! Now fly away and have a sweet day with a texture of marshmallows!

Lots of happiness,

Tea & Jimbo


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